lara buelow mural-01

I’m Lara and I am a painter based in San Francisco, CA.

Born in Germany, raised in the Bay Area, I make art at home and abroad. I seek to build bridges between the dualities that present themselves in our lives, such as the desire to travel and wanting to build community at home. Or tension between the natural world and the developed one.

I have started this blog in order to develop a space where I can write about my artwork and explore my non-art related interests. I have many ideas to digest and many topics that inspire me to create. I want to use this blog to document my travels and flesh out my thoughts on life.

April Blogging Challenge: 30 days, 30 stories.  In order to re-launch my blog, I am sharing one story a day for the whole month of April. I’m excited to unveil some things about myself while sharing resources that have provided me with inspiration over the years. I hope to hear from you in the process!


lara at larabuelow dot com