Happy Birthday Me!

September 30th: Happy Birthday Me!

Today I celebrate, not only myself, but all September babies and all Libra babies. So big shout out to all of you!  <– You won’t regret clicking that link.


Imma be doing all kinds of dope shit today! I hope that you join me from afar by getting outside, using your bodies, and jumping into a body of water.

I spoke to my one of my BFF’s today, we have been BFF’s for 26 years now – and she told me that I started my run & swim birthday ritual back in 2012. That’s the first full year I had back in the bay area after being away for a decade. It’s the first blog that I started. I just dug up my really amazing blog post commemorating my first annual birthday run & swim: see here. <– You won’t regret clicking on that link either. =D

Which means that I have been doing an outside adventure involving cardio and a plunge for 6 years now! Wow! I have been telling everyone that I have only done it 2 or 3 times… Guess I AM getting old. Discovering that I have been dedicated to this new tradition for six years now is deeply satisfying to me. I am really proud that I have stuck with it.

SO. Tonight, I pick up the parental unit (WAHOO!) and bring them back to our new place. Then we hit the town and rock out at an Ozomatli concert. Tomorrow, we will have breakfast before heading out to Saint Mary’s glacier. The whole family will hike to our own version of the polar bear swim!

It’s gonna be an icy dip!

After our hair-raising, bone-chilling rebirth, we’ll return home for hot chocolate, cake, and maybe some presents? Definitely candles. Then it’s time for beer and appetizers while we wait for our late night dinner reservation at Annette!

Finally, we will enjoy a Sunday morning brunch before saying “Au Revoir! Auf Wiedersehen! Adios!” to my mom and dad (it’s a double date weekend!) ACTUALLY, it doesn’t end there. Once JAC and I put in some hard working hours, we are continuing the celebration with Mr. Mills at Rheinhaus! He too, is a Libra baby, and we will party in ze German Haus for a wunderbar Sunday late afternoon party. Jawohl, WIR FEIERN!! <– seriously, these links are gold.

giphy-downsized (2)

The real icing on the cake is the another BFF is coming to town Sunday night. Continue celebrating you say?! Don’t mind if we do.


Cake & lederhosen for everybody, XOXO ❤ LB