A Letter to Myself

September 28: Write a letter to myself.

Somewhere amongst these piles of papers, boxes, and other random crap, I have several letters that I have written to myself. I meant to read them this month and then draft a new letter. The letters have gotten lost in the shuffle and there hasn’t been much time to write something new and meaningful, between this blog and everything else. So, for inspiration, I’m taking this time to see what others have written to their XX year old selves.

Wise words from a woman turning 40.

Wise and more concise words from a 37 year old.

A slightly annoying, but OK list of 31 “truth bombs” to a woman’s younger self. #20 is pretty legit.

I googled something along the lines of “letter to 31 year old self” and have found posts exclusively written by women. So I am deliberately searching for a man’s perspective now.

A divorced man’s advice to his married self about relationships. Some thoughts on love and commitment.

A man’s letter to his younger self about commitment and marriage (are we seeing another trend here?)

A gay man’s open letter to his younger self. More sassy than those above and way more fabulous! A short and sweet list of advice towards the end.

And finally, just some guy writing a letter to his younger self.

My main take aways from all of these:

  • Enjoy yourself as much as possible, this is your one wild ride.
  • Practice gratitude.
  • Be kind.
  • Be yourself.
  • Love, commitment, and all the things that seem hard often bring great reward.

What would you tell your younger self? And on that note – what would do you want your future self to know?

XOXOX you sweet honeys ❤ LB


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