Limbo On the Road

When this posts, I’ll be on the road back to San Francisco.

The BF and I flew to Cuba from LAX after a big wedding in southern California. So now we have to drive our asses back to San Francisco. It’s funny because it seems like being en route somewhere is kind of the physical reality of limbo. Or is it?

The journey is the destination. –Dan Eldon

That quote is both awesome and annoying. It reminds me that if I’m truly present that there is nothing else except what is immediately before me; there is no “limbo.” Yet it also hints that each moment is consumed with movement. Change is the only constant.

I am hoping to write something about our trip to Cuba. It’s a strange thing to sit here in my home and think that in two weeks I’ll have been through a myriad of experiences and then be right back in this spot. Seated and writing. Yet, something will be different and that something is me.

The minute I put pressure on myself to write in a particular way, I get blocked and overwhelmed by anxiety. It’s an immediate writing-killer. So don’t expect anything profound. It’s likely to be an account of what we experienced sprinkled with ideas or advice on taking a trip to Havana. I look forward to visiting a country that has developed in a completely different way from ours. And in the mean time, I’ll be living into the idea that the journey is the destination.

What journey are you on right now? What destination do you have in mind?

Viva Adventure! XO ❤ LB