Viva Cuba!

When this posts, I’ll be en route to Cuba.

Because you know what they say… when stuck in limbo, make sure to plan a few bucket list adventures. Never heard that one? Well, now you have. There’s nothing like good old fashioned travel and culture shock to blow your brains wide open and see life through a different lens. And increase your gratitude by a bajillion.

Since the moment I hired him, I knew the BF had plans to go to medical school. However, I didn’t know that eventually we would be dating. I never thought I would date someone on the medical path. I have many doctors in my family and while I respect the profession, I have found it too academically rigid for my own liking. It feels a bit too straight and narrow, if you know what I mean. I prefer the artists way – the woo-ey, winding, spontaneous way.

So when the BF and I shacked up, I made it clear that travel is a priority for me. Given the long distance start to our relationship, it was also required of us to make the situation work. That was a good way to ease us into what future trips would be like. I also quickly began to leverage the fact that if he was going to attend medical school, then any free time before then should be treated as sacred adventure time. Once he is a slave to his medical institution, I believe our vagabonding days will be numbered for quite a few years. So in the meantime, I’m gonna milk it for all its worth.

In order to capitalize on these limited opportunities, assuming that medical school is right around the corner, I’ve been stacking up the trips. This is both a good way to fill your time and spend your money while floating in limbo. Every penny spent on visiting friends, exploring foreign lands, and experiencing new activities is an investment in your character.

With a change of scenery it is much easier to leave your worries behind and shift your perception of reality. These adventures also offer an opportunity to disconnect for our technologically consumed lives and simply be present with the road that lies before us.

What is one of your most memorable trips? How do you disconnect to reconnect? I’d love to hear your stories.

With love from Cuba ❤ LB


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