Wild Success in the Face of Uncertainty

Wild Success! Is the flashing neon banner inside my mind this week. In direct response to last weeks post: How to Not Accept Right Now, I have to say that I feel amazing. I mean, the limbo continues and I feel torn and as anxious as ever. But despite all that, I got really lucky and managed to accomplish some big tasks.

In the face of uncertainty, I leaned into my coaching practice. I had 6 coaching sessions this week, 5 of which I lead and facilitated. The structure that comes with my coaching program is very welcome during limbo. Having class and assignments that need to be completed by a certain date means that there is just the right amount of pressure to get my ass in gear. So I can only spend so much time planning my unknown future before I have focus.

Putting my focus on others and being in a position to create a positive atmosphere for someone else transformed my week. The genuine conversations I was a part of brought me into the present moment. And the fact that those conversations weren’t about me or what I am doing (most of them weren’t) empowered me to give more of myself and make the most of what we have right now.

The lucky part of all of this is what those around me brought to the table. The boyfriend had 3 days off this week and offered to help me complete the daunting task of painting my childhood room. This project took a full three days of prep and painting. Unfortunately, no mural has been completed yet, but the blank white canvas awaits. I’m 99% certain this project would still be looming before me without his help and the time frame.

Next, the way my clients showed up to their sessions blew me out of the water. The authenticity and vulnerability that they continue to demonstrate is awe-inspiring. And I am so grateful because it helps me feel an immense sense of gratitude. It’s exactly what I needed to temper my lack of focus.

So I found myself being catapulted into the present moment over the last week. I am elated. Where I was being bogged down in uncertainty suddenly lent itself to accomplishing a task that has been on the to do list forever. And I had a hunky man to help me complete the job in half the time it would have taken me otherwise. The icing on top is that I got to step into my role as coach this week and feel deeply connected to my clients. I’ve made sure to do a lot of writing about these things to infuse myself with a sense of gratitude and being in the now.

When was the last time you felt the sensation of wild success?! Do you have a success dance move? Because I’m working on my “Baby Groot” to celebrate all the good shit right now.

XO, homies ❤ LB