How to Not Accept Right Now

I was going to write a post called “how to accept right now.” It started with: “I don’t feel qualified to write this post. Especially not right now.”

So I changed it. Let’s talk about how NOT to accept each moment as it rushes by!

One of the greatest ways to not be present is to fantasize about the future constantly. Your current situation is boring, routine, mundane, or perhaps anxiety inducing. It may be that your future is uncertain, which leads to anxiety and excitement because there are so many unknown factors that your mind is racing to plan all the details that you couldn’t possibly pin down right now. It’s a nice place to be, the future. The future in the minds eye has no limits. Everything can be perfect and awesome and easy in the future. That distant point out on the horizon, a new day not yet defined.

Another great way to not accept right now is by dwelling in the past and reviewing various scenarios of your life over and over and over again. You worry about that embarrassing thing you said or the obnoxious comment your friend made, what did they mean by that? You’re reliving the glory of a promotion or a night out, you worry, you reminisce, you dream of days past. Things were better, funner (let’s make funner an official word), and less complicated back then.

A third way to not be present is to switch wildly between these two states. You slip in and out of time, writing lists in your head, praying you won’t forget that one important thing. Then you go on Facebook and review your memories for the week and watch a random video (or 20) until the slamming of a door jolts you back into reality. How long were you in the internet hole for? Who knows! You keep clicking away.

This is me right now. I moderate my mega-ADD (self diagnosed for my current situation) with some meditation in the morning and regular exercise. However, my mysterious and unknown fate for the next few months means that my brain wants to live in and plan for the future constantly! I am working hard on bringing meaning, appreciation, and some adventure into my everyday moments.

How do you deal with limbo? What’s occupying most of your brain space at the moment? Please share!