How Accountability Changes Everything

Since joining the life and business coaching program with iPEC in March, I probably have more accountability now than I have in the last year and a half. This is a welcome change in my life. My work at San Francisco CrossFit and my obsession with goals have taught me that the most effective way to accomplish anything is get help and get accountable. STAT.

If you’re serious about getting something done, then get someone on board who is going to make sure there’s a consequence if it doesn’t happen. It’s also nice if this person can celebrate with you once your task is accomplished, as well.

There are many different forms of accountability, though they aren’t all created equal. I’d say one of the biggest and most challenging goals is weight loss. Weight loss and fitness habits require a myriad of small and big changes in ones lifestyle. So trying to accomplish them alone is futile. Want to lose 10 pounds and get into a fitness routine? Get a friend on board. Hell, get a whole community on board. There’s nothing quite like building supportive relationships while going through tough changes.

Your friend who is your workout or check in buddy will be helpful in that they’ll add a sense of responsibility and pressure. Add money into the mix and the stakes get a little higher. Every time you miss your work out, you owe them $10. Or maybe $100! Whatever it takes.

I’m incorporating this into my own life at the moment by having my coach hold me accountable to getting help fixing my computer and studying for class. I check in with them at least once a week to discuss the progress that I’ve made or otherwise, what’s holding me back. I also use this in my art practice.

There’s nothing quite like an art show deadline to get your ass in gear. Not only does the paint have to be (mostly) dry, but it has to be ready to hang, with a title and a price. And that gets real fast if you’re setting up a show or a booth all by yourself.

What’s something you’re trying to tackle at the moment? Is something getting in the way?

Write to me about it.