Story #24: I am becoming a certified coach.

Story #24: I have signed up for a ten month training program called iPEC to become a fully certified life and business coach.

I have only shared this with my family and a handful of friends. This is the second coaching program I have undertaken over the past four years. Back in 2012 a friend recommended Interchange Counseling Institute in San Francisco as program for me to check out. She had done work with Interchange through a company and found it informative at work and in her personal life. Knowing what a self help nerd I am, she thought it was potentially a good fit for me.

After attending an information session, I eagerly signed on to the Interchange program. At that point in my life I was asking myself for the first time if I should pursue a graduate degree and if yes, in what. I hoped that Interchange would help me answer that question. I was considering becoming a coach and looking into counseling or psychology masters programs. While Interchange helped me do an incredible amount of work on myself and to flex my counseling muscle, it didn’t quite satisfy my business interests. When I finished the program, I knew that I would not pursue a psychology degree and did not feel prepared to set up a coaching business. I stepped away from this area to transition into a few other jobs I was juggling at the time and to move into San Francisco.

/// Please write to me if you would like to discuss Interchange in more detail. It’s an excellent program that I have recommended to others. If you want more details on that experience, I am happy to share. ///

I was not expecting to re-enter the coaching arena as a business prospect. You could have asked me in January and I would not have been talking about setting up my own life and business coaching practice. However, the pieces were in place and the seeds have long been planted. I have been working with a coach on my art and business since October of 2016 and a good friend of mine recently started a coaching program and has been discussing it with me at great length.

Our conversations around coaching and hearing about his experiences have re-ignited old possibilities. And perhaps my art endeavors have allowed me to imagine all that is possible in life. Over a period of about two or three weeks, all of these aspects came together and lead me to registering for the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). After in depth online research and several phone calls, I found out that if I signed up, I could get started just a few days later. My excitement at this possibility had me bouncing off the walls (eyes shut, fists pumping the air, “yes yes yes!”)


I made the leap.

The first weekend was challenging for me and I questioned my decision. I am an incredibly impulsive person, which I like to think means I’m highly intuitive and I know what I like. So when I’m excited about something, I’m a YES woman. However, we all know that this doesn’t always lead to desirable results and sometimes it’s better to be a bit more calculated. But this ain’t my first rodeo. Now with a month under my belt with iPEC, I’m fully committed to the program and incredibly pleased with their business resources.

I am looking forward to balancing my coaching practice and my art practice –> the art continues! I am excited to work with guinea pigs (friends/acquaintances) for my coaching biz. And I’m curious to see how my art transforms as I do my coaching work over the next several months. I am already unearthing juicy emotional ammo that is eager to find its place on the canvas. Keep those eyeballs peeled!

What’s your experience with life and business coaches? Ever had one? Are you one? If you had someones undivided attention for one hour what would you want to talk about?



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