Story #23: Time to Face Fear.

Story #23: Time to Face Fear.

I have come up with long lists of things to write about for my month of story. With 7 days left, I am having a hard time choosing topics that I am excited about. So I am thinking about my funniest experiences, things that I am proud of, and things that I would be the most scared of posting. This list makes me very nervous.

And because it terrifies me so, I am challenging myself to write at least 5 posts that make me uncomfortable. At the end of April, I will wrap up my month of story with a posting schedule for the future and what I’ve learned over the past 30 days. Between now and then, I want to face some of my fear and publish some things that make me feel vulnerable (Ack!)

This is kind of a gup post because I’m not really sharing anything that scary, just warning you that it’s coming! 😉 Though the mere mention of it is making my palms sweat. I have found over and over again that sharing my writing is much scarier for me than it is to share my artwork. If I find an artwork and a written piece of work of equal value (I don’t know what scales of comparison I’m talking about here, just my feelings), then I am still much more nervous to share the written piece than the visual piece.

Reading and judging someone’s writing seems to me to be a judgement of intellect and perhaps more of an objective call (not exactly, though). While looking at and judging a painting seems more personal and subjective. I don’t think I am right in these thoughts, it’s simply what I have observed inside my self. And this is why writing a blog can prove quite challenging to me, but may also lend to the feeling of accomplishment that it brings.

My dream is to hear from those of you who have been following along or who are reading this now to tell me what you get out of reading my blog and what you would like me to write about. Please let me know if you have any thoughts, questions, or ideas for a post in the remaining week. You can email me at lara at larabuelow dot come. Or maybe you have some thoughts on sharing writing versus art? Let me know!



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