Story #21: My boyfriend and I met when I hired him.

Story #21: My boyfriend (JAC) and I met when I hired him.

It’s his birthday today, so this post is a way for me to celebrate him. He’s celebrating at his best friends bachelor party today. I’ll only get to celebrate him in spirit for now.

I didn’t actually meet him when I hired him. We met when he came into the gym (SFCF) to get additional information about becoming a member. I was having a bad day and struggling to maintain a “happy face” for clients. Our gym is in an old beautiful warehouse style building in the Presidio, so we always have the doors open. This means that I was always freezing and ended up wearing multiple layers everyday, which lead to me looking like a homeless person. I adopted a pair of large men’s sweatpants that I could wear on top of what whatever pants I was already wearing. Then I would put on my yellow down sweatshirt and pull the hood up. I looked like a giant puffy burrito.

I was answering emails and dealing with administrative work between classes on the schedule. I could hear someone come in looking for help. My boss was sitting on the couch near the entrance and sent him in my direction. We had already exchanged several emails, though I did not know this initially. I was cringing already when I heard my boss send him my way. I didn’t feel like playing nice and was being interrupted for the millionth time.

He walked over and asked “are you Lara?”

I, begrudgingly, approached the front desk, trying to claw my way out of whatever dark hole I was stewing in. I would like to attribute burn out and customer service overload to my foul mood. We entered a familiar conversation (to me) that included the potential for discounts or work opportunities in exchange for membership. This was a bad day for this initial meeting – I was fed up with the number of hand-outs people were requesting and the lack of due diligence of those approaching small businesses. This is no excuse for my rudeness or curt responses, simply an explanation and way to illustrate the scene.

JAC likes to tell the version of the story where I blatantly demand “did you read the website?” after his request for more information about potential discounts or work opportunities. Who knows what words were truly exchanged, we’ve re-told the story enough times now that I’m sure we’ve rewritten history. It’s likely those words did leave my lips at some point – this was a way for me to gauge what information the person was already familiar with and what they might still want to know. So if I did say this in a cold way, it was unintentional, as my mood clearly got the best of me and I was trying to figure out where JAC was at.

Turns out this was the right question to ask regardless of my tone. Why? Because he then revealed that he had read the entire website and brought up that we had already exchanged multiple emails. Well, why didn’t you say so!?

I believe we’re on the same page about the change in tone and body language with this new information brought to light. I recalled our emails and reassured him that while there were not currently any opportunities available, I would contact him if and when they did. His polite and friendly demeanor did not go unnoticed – I tipped him off that we were potentially creating some new front desk positions in the new future and I would try to keep him notified about the job. I even noted to adopt his positive energy and spread it around.

Two months later we were hiring for the position and invited JAC to interview. My boss and I were getting comfortable on the couch when JAC waltzed through the door wearing a suit! Working in a gym, we all lived in our workout clothes. Like I said, I basically dressed in layers of old sweatpants (so sexy, I know!) So I was floored to see someone in pressed attire. Enjoying the professional enthusiasm JAC was bringing to the table, I shouted “You’re Hired!”

Needless to say, he was hired shortly after. We worked side by side for a full year. JAC put in his two week notice when he got a job working as a tissue recovery technician in Southern California. He had acquired tickets to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for free from a friend and when I heard about it I told him he had to go because it’s an awesome, magical place. Then he asked me if I wanted to go. “Uhhh, YEA.”

We spent the day in Monterey and have been together ever since. Turns out our initial meeting did not ruin his impression of me. He did moved to Long Beach for his job, so we did long distance for nine months. Now we live together, just celebrated our 2 year anniversary and are waiting to hear where he–>WE are going to medical school. The adventure continues!!!

How did you meet your best friend or partner? Tell me! I love these creation stories.

❤ ❤ ❤ Happy Birthday to the BIGGEST #BABEATTACK of my life! ❤ ❤ ❤


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