Story #20: I have seen Gossip Girl in its entirety.

Story #20: I have seen Gossip Girl in its entirety.

Ugh, am I really writing about this? Yes, it’s true. I have seen the entire Gossip Girl TV show. Every. single. episode. My sister and I OWN the whole season on DVD. Yep, DVD. When Maya (outing you, sorry!) and I used to live together in NYC, we became obsessed with this show. We had this small silver television for a while that we would watch the show on. I think it had an antenna. I don’t know where we got that thing from. It may have still had the VHS slot. We got rid of it eventually and continued watching the show on our laptops.

It was fun to watch and recognize the filming locations. We knew what trash this show was and felt like we could fully indulge in its awfulness. It was also a strange voyeurism that provided us with a window into a life of private east coast prep schools on the upper east side. With an insanely wild dramatic flair of course. Who knows what happens at east coast prep schools!

I was lucky enough to attend a good public school in Palo Alto, CA. But perhaps there are a few too many freakish parallels??? We had plenty of our own problems with cliques, mean girls, substance abuse, expectations, and suicides (attempted and successful), kids driving their own Mercedes on their 16th birthdays and shit. Thinking about Gossip Girl in its entirety, I can’t really justify spending all those hours watching it. Mindless entertainment at its finest. The title says it all, it’s like a glossy gossip magazine where every story has a hyperbole headline. You’re just gobbling up all the juicy gossip, reveling in the suffering of others.

So we shamelessly enjoyed our time living in small apartments in a big city together, occasionally watching terribly TV shows. And then sometimes we reminisce about some ridiculous episode and the madness it represents in the world.

And that’s pretty much it.

What do we learn from TV shows like Gossip Girl? Is there a valuable add to life here? Someone help me see the lesson. Or is it purely an indulgence? A way for us to feel better about ourselves?

If you’ve seen the show –> XOXO ❤ GG, I mean LB ;D


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