Story #19: I drive a mini van.

Story #19: I drive a mini van.

The Honda Odyssey is a dope vehicle. You can’t tell me any different.

Everything has its pro’s and con’s, so let’s review them here.

Cons of driving a mini van: it is not aesthetically sexy, and it can be difficult to park in cities at times.

OK, not too bad for the shadow side of owning a van!

Now let’s look at the pros: It’s like a truck, but covered and secure. It can hold a huge amount of stuff. I have locked up both of my surfboards and my bicycle in this van overnight before and nothing was stolen (lucky, I know). It is reliable and safe! The seats fold down so you basically have a space large enough to live out of in the back. I can pack myself and six of my best friends into the car and drive around. I have moved all of my belongings in this car no less than three times. Surfboards slide right in! No straps or complications. Parking is not that hard. People trust you. You do not get pulled over ever or at least not often. You do badass things like haul trees and dirt in the back. You can be proud to own a secret adventure vehicle. Used mini vans are inexpensive and super useful.

I could go on, but I won’t. I’ve told you what you need to know. If you need a hauling and/or adventure vehicle, then you should consider a mini van. It is the most utilitarian vehicle that I can think of that has reasonable gas mileage and is still super easy to park, even in the city. We could discuss alternatives or the fact that it is not sexy looking, but the pros simply far out weight the cons.

I myself have hated the “soccer mom” look for as long as I can remember. However these judgements and concerns about image are bullshit because mini vans are amazing. I prefer the look of a VW, but the old ones are not so safe and can be pricey to fix up. They are fairly expensive vans to buy. The Honda is affordable, safe, and super reliable.

My Honda has a limited life span remaining. I am grateful for the time I’ve spent with this Odyssey. It has facilitated so many adventures (even back when I was in high school)! We’ve had a good run and it will forever be what I compare future vehicles to.

That is all.

Do you own a motorized vehicle? Which one? Do you have a dream vehicle? Mine is a new Mercedes Sprinter camper van. Let me know in the comments below.



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