Story #16: Headspace is awesome.

Story #16: I meditate with the Headspace app and it is awesome.

And Andy is aaaaamazing!

Who doesn’t love that charming accent? Andy has a great voice to meditate to. I also appreciate their aesthetic. That imperfect circle that undulates is mesmerizing. It is all of these things wrapped into this lovely app that contribute to their success.

I began meditating regularly three years ago. This app has helped me incorporate it into a regular routine. They have an excellent onramp for beginning meditators. You do have to complete the “Take Ten” intro pack to get access to the rest of the meditations. It’s  good way to build up to meditating for longer periods of time. I also find this pack helpful to get back into meditation if I haven’t done it in a while.

I still consider myself a novice, but find that I enjoy the benefits of meditation anyway. Meditating helps me feel calm and grounded. This has proved absolutely essential especially now that I am working on getting my art career off the ground. I am a big picture person and can often get lost in day dreams. I bounce back and forth between a million ideas and I can have a hard time focusing.

Meditation allows me to utilize my big idea strength while grounding me in reality and keeping me present. It helps me focus and brings me back into the moment. I have been able to pinpoint specific stressful events for me and have used meditation to mediate the tension in those moments. For example, setting up an art show is my least favorite part of sharing my work.

While I have no problem hanging art in my house or helping someone else curate their artwork, it is very difficult for me to hang my own work. So when I am attending an event that requires extensive set up, I get really crazy. Over the past few years I have definitely improved my ability to manage my own emotions while dealing with the ebb and flow of events. (A shout out to JAC & sister Salome for providing all the help and putting up with my grumpiness!)

I’d like to step up my meditation game and attend a retreat of some kind. I have also considered attending a silent retreat for some time now.

Do you meditate? Have you attended any retreats? Please share your experience with me. I’d love to hear tips, tricks, or get a good retreat recommendation.



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