Story #15: How I painted a mural in SF.

Story #15: I manifested painting a mural in SF.

No joke!

Here’s how it happened. I have loved murals my whole life. When I discover brightly colored walls I am so grateful for those whole have painted them and for those who have facilitated their coming into being. Over the past three or four years I have really wanted to paint my own. In 2014 I decided to start seriously making art again and this time, I would approach the journey professionally.

And so my career as an Artist began. I started the Mtn Series to participate in shows and searching for every opportunity possible to share my work. I began thinking about murals more seriously. I did research on all the steps to make a mural possible and began talking to people involved in public art projects. Since San Francisco has such an amazing and vibrant mural scene, it is quite competitive to get a wall. We have so many famous street artists who have graced our city streets with their awesome talents – it’s a dirty road of comparison I’d rather not go down – I love seeing so many international badasses on every corner here. So I’m always keeping an eye out for work in progress…

One beautiful sunny day, I was biking the wiggle on my way home from an event at Golden Gate Park. I made the right hand turn from Haight onto Pierce and saw multiple artists painting on the scaffolding around what was to be Black Sands Brewery. I had noticed the scaffolding and outlines of paint beforehand. Now the artists were here!

I came to a screeching halt and got off my bicycle. I struck up a conversation with one guy who was painting. Soon enough I met a couple of the owners of Black Sands Brewery (awesome dudes!!) and was chatting them up about the project. I guess they must have thought I was alright because when I shared that I was an artist, they asked me if I wanted a panel to paint.

Hell yes I want to paint!

I was ecstatic! I did some sketches, coordinated a time, and put up a modified Mtn Series with water inspired by the Black Sands Brewery yeast imagery. I maintained that mural for the following 3 months. Then we did a community art walk event where we painted a collaborative mural in that space. A small piece of the Mtn Series X BSB mural is memorialized inside the walls. Apparently the construction workers needed some of the wood. It’s not visible to the public or anything, but they did show it to me.

In my wildest dreams I see myself painting walls in San Francisco. I wasn’t sure it was possible for someone with so little experience. Especially since I didn’t know anyone with walls to paint in the city. This is one of those stories of being in the right place at the right time. It was a serendipitous moment that made one of my dreams come true.

Huge thanks to all the kids over at Black Sands Brewery! You are badass, inspiring individuals who have brought your own dream to life and added a lot to your corner of the Haight! Thanks for providing me with the opportunity to paint a mural on a busy bicycle corridor in SF.

Big love to new friends & street art =D



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