Story #12: Josh Coffy told me to do this.

Story #12: I’m doing all this blogging because Josh Coffy told me to.

Just kidding! That’s only a half truth. I am doing this because I had an awesome conversation with Josh (he’s good for stuff like that) and he inspired me to re-ignite the blog.

Josh Coffy launched his creative career with a big project. He created over 365 pieces of art over a year and gave away a piece every day. You can check out all the details at this site, The Gift Prolific.

Josh is an amazing dude and his creative launch is only one example of his generosity and involvement in his community. Over the past few years he has joined the ArtSpan committee, become an art mentor for artists in San Francisco, and continues to build his own art empire, which includes being an engaged dad and committed partner.

Josh has lent me a lot of support since I decided to participate in ArtSpan’s open studios 2 years go. More recently, we discussed the direction of my career and my feelings about making money with art. He shared his own story, related to many of my struggles, and left me feeling hopeful and more importantly: ready to act.

Josh has encouraged me to keep telling my story and to keep connecting with people. I am so grateful for our conversation, as it has reconnected me with my love for writing and the development of this blog. I have already connected with many family and friends, some of whom I haven’t spoken to in quite some time. There’s something wonderful about reminiscing about dead pets and something liberating about declaring your love for Phil Collins on the internet.

I’m grateful that sharing these stories has connected me to more of you. Art has often been my medium for doing that in the world. And there’s nothing quite like sharing your passion with friends and strangers alike.

Have you had a meaningful conversation with someone that lead you to taking action? What did they say? How did you proceed? Tell me in the comments below!

Much Love ❤ LB




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