Story #8: A woman with crystals read my energy. This is what she told me.

Story #8: A woman with crystals read my energy. This is what she told me.

I don’t typically do this kind of thing. Though that seems to be changing. Which, if you haven’t gathered through my previous posts, that is one thing I can really embrace. I delight in change!

Last September, the month leading up to my birthday, I decided to try several new things. One of those was to have my tarot cards read by a vetted professional. I got a recommendation from a friend and booked a one hour tarot reading. We met at a local cafe and dove in. It was a cool experience. I loved the interpretations of the cards in relationship to my life and I saw how the cards influenced each other to paint a complex picture. I found it insightful and fun.

My life is currently in mega-limbo. JAC, my boyfriend, is waiting to hear back from medical schools. We are in limbo. Applying to medical school is a grueling process that takes years of preparation and a lot of grit! JAC has busted his ass putting together his applications. Confession: he wrote some of his essays in Spain and Morocco while we were traveling last year. We made sure to schedule focused work time and do what had to be done.

My point with this story is that we feel as though we are on the edge of our seats. Every day could be THE day. The waiting process throughout the various stages of the medical school applications verges on psychological torture. It feels cruel. So in response to this waiting time, I’ve been trying to come up with new ideas to distract JAC from normal life and do stuff that is out of the ordinary.

I got another recommendation on the fly from a friend. She said I had to go see this woman who reads energy. She uses crystals and special tarot cards. I figured there would be no harm in pitching the idea to JAC. If he was willing to go, great! And he was. Off to the energy reader we went.

During my reading the woman told me that I am a creative soul who has been around a long time. I have a very messy, non-linear path to my life. That is my trajectory. She said I need to stop trying to to please others, that by trying to fit the status quo I would always be disappointed and unhappy. I have to embrace my femininity and my female power. She spoke of my past lives and that a common pattern is having to pave my own way.

What do I think of all of this? There were several other details that I haven’t published here. I find these readings cathartic and energizing. Even if what she said wasn’t particularly profound or could have been easily applied to the next person, it felt validating. There’s nothing quite like having someone focus an entire hour of their time and their energy solely on you. Many of her insights did feel true to me and now I feel like I have external permission to continue making a complete mess out of my life. 😉

That is my style. Change is messy. Dropping out of college is messy. Quitting your job to pursue art is messy. Really messy. Painting murals is messy. Living with your brother, your sister, and your boyfriend is messy, too. And trying to figure life out usually requires some mess if you want the truth. It was awesome getting the external validation from a woman in her 60’s with crystals in an herbal shop. Cause, why not?

Have you had your tarot or energy read? What was your experience? Think all of this is bullshit but know what being in limbo is like? Share that story with me in the comments below.



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