Story #5: I like CrosSFit.

Story #5: I like Crossfit.

GASP! I know.

I actually managed a Crossfit gym for a couple of years. Not just any Crossfit gym, THE Crossfit gym. One of the most famous, San Francisco CrosSFit, is one of the original eight and happens to be right here in the Presidio. This is a bit comical (to me) because I like Crossfit, but I don’t LOVE Crossfit, you feel me?

This is only funny in the context of the celebrity and magnitude of Crossfit culture. I thought maybe I would have to be some kind of Crossfit guru or mega athlete to work at San Francisco Crossfit. Turns out, you just have to know how to have a good time with the staff. Laugh at everyones jokes? Check! Show up all the time? Check! Sweet talk the owners? Double Check! 😉

I actually feel that this is important for me to share for two reasons. 1) We put people in boxes all the time. (LOL! Get it?!) 2) Fitness is super important for living a full able-bodied life.

Let me talk about these things in a bit more detail. It’s entertaining to tell people in the arts community that I managed a Crossfit gym because a lot of the time they look really surprised. I feel that a stereotype about artists is that they don’t like to exercise. Where did this come from? I’ve always led an extremely active lifestyle, so maybe it’s an American high school TV sitcom thing (?) that has permeated popular culture? Anyway, just something I’ve observed and find silly.

Next, exercising, fitness-ing, and generally doing badass, superhero-like things is totally cool and should be encouraged as often as possible. I’ve found that strength training has enhanced several areas of my life. I am better at playing with my niece and nephew because I can swing them upside down. I also have a stronger core and therefore less back issues than other members of my family. I am also more knowledgeable about anatomy and know how to help myself when dealing with physical pain.

I like Crossfit because it combines strength training, gymnastics, and endurance exercises into nasty, ball-busting workouts. It improves your endurance and your strength quickly. It also teaches you new skills and has a team like atmosphere if you participate at a gym. I haven’t participated in too many team sports over the years, so it has been amazing experiencing the benefits of community support around fitness.

Currently, I do more yoga, cycling, and surfing than Crossfit. However, I think there are many merits to going to a Crossfit gym and I know it will continue to have a presence in my life.

Do you secretly wish you could play a certain sport or perform a physical feat? I dream of this kind of stuff all the time!  Remember: it’s never too late. Till you’re dead.

What kind of activities do you participate in? What’s on your bucket list? Leave a comment below with your superhero skills or things you’d like to accomplish.

On that note, love & vigor, you hotties! ❤ LB


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