Story #3: Business books are my jam.

Story #3: Business books are my jam!

I read business books because I am hoping that if I read enough of them that some day I will figure how to build an awesome creative empire.

There’s plenty of business books out there that have the veil of business, but that are actually filled with personal habit information and spiritual practices. The further I get into self help and business topics, the more I keep coming back to the same spiritual messages.

Coincidence? I’ll let you know when I find out.

Sometimes I think that if I just chose ONE business book and stuck with it till I had followed every piece of advice in it, I’d be better off than reading all of them. So if you’re looking to get your creative career off the floor, I’d recommend picking up one of the following and sticking with it till you’ve got your feet under you.

Art, Inc. by Lisa Congdon. This book is awesome! Lisa is awesome. She lived in San Francisco for a long time before relocating to Portland (along with the rest of California). Lots of practical advice and she has classes on Creative Live. She’s a bottomless well of resources, so this is a great leap into starting a creative career.

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. You’ve probably heard of this book. Particularly if you are involved in creative work or a creative community. But it’s a common self help book that has been around for a long time. This book is on the spiritual side and is aimed at reconnecting you with your essence. It doesn’t matter what you’re interested in, it will guide you through any resistance and help you find clarity on how to make your life more exciting.

All purpose book. Fairly dry, but straight to the point. Not as aesthetically pleasing as Art Inc., but has all the info you could ever want about the legal side of starting an art business.

Books I am reading right now: The Notorious RBG, The Science of Getting Rich

I regularly have friends and acquaintances reaching out to me to discuss art and business. I love having these conversations and sharing what I know. I hope to contribute more and more to the creative community, perhaps providing more consolidated resources with straight forward answers. Suggestions? Let me know.

Cool, Kids, thanks for reading! Peace.