Story #2: I love Phil Collins.

Story #2: I love Phil Collins.

I am a total power ballad nerd. It’s like the self help content, I can’t stay away! I am such a deeply emotional person, when those songs start to play I have a hard time controlling myself. I want break into dance, close my eyes and belt out the words, I want to wave my arms, and sometimes I want to cry. Yes, it’s the truth.

Maybe, sometimes, I DO cry. But we don’t have to go down that road right now.

I love Phil Collins. I even have several of his records on CD and listen to them in the car. For my birthday back in 2009, my sister bought me one of his biography’s and 2 DVD’s about his life and career. I learned a lot about him at that time. I wouldn’t say my obsession is particularly deep, as I’ve forgotten most of the details of his 3 marriages, his children, and how he got involved with Disney. But MAN! Isn’t the Tarzan soundtrack the greatest?! <– LINK WORTH WATCHING! N’Sync guest appearance circa 1999… just sayin’!

I DO cry when I watch Tarzan.

So, as you have probably gathered so far, I have excellent taste in music and I know how to get the dance party started. It’s all about passion, people. I’ll leave you with a link to my Spotify. You can judge me by my playlists.

Also, I would LOVE it if you sent me one or two of your favorite songs!

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