Story #1: I am a self help junkie.

There, I said it.

I can’t get enough of self help material. I often tell myself that I will ween myself off of self help stuff. I’ll stop reading the blogs, watching the videos, ordering the books and gathering the exercises. But somehow it creeps back into my life. I get sucked into the next website and click open 5 million tabs. Several hours later, I emerge out of my self help hole, super high/inspired with the solutions to all my problems.

The high doesn’t last too long. I come back down to earth fairly quickly, knowing that the path I am on will last a life time and enlightenment isn’t waiting for me around the next corner. I do learn a few things along the way and appreciate the feel-good vibes emanating from the screen.

I’m a loyal fan of many of the hippest self help people of today. People like Danielle La Porte, Gabby Bernstein, Brene Brown and Byron Katie. Danielle La Porte is an amazing Canadian woman who has written several books about finding passion in your everyday life. I have read and completed The Fire Starter Sessions and The Desire Map.

Gabby Bernstein is the latest addition to my self help library. I found her through Marie Forleo and some YouTube video. I appreciate the sound of her voice and sense of humor. If you buy her book, you get access to a great talk she gave.

Brene Brown is basically a house hold name now, right? What a badass! Brene breaks down a lot of the walls between self help and the general public. I also super love how she brings men and male-ness into the fold. Brene is doing very important work as a researcher and author.

Byron Katie did go through an enlightenment experience and completely turned her life around. She now leads workshops to show people how to do “The Work,” as she calls it. She has 4 questions that will change your life. I now recognize references to her work all over the place.

One last resource that still consistently comes to my inbox is Leo Babauta from His blog and emails are minimalist in structure, simple and straight forward. He’s a no nonsense kind of guy with 6 kids and a location independent business. If you like getting bite sized mindfulness reminders, Zen Habits is for you.

These are just a few people who have influenced me over the years and who I continue to come back to.

Follow along with my 30 days of story for more insights into me, my art and the resources that I’m using to build my life & career.