Story #0: Why Blog?

Story #0: Why Blog?

Welcome to my first of 30 blog posts in April.

I feel like I need to provide an introduction for all of this. And here it is.

I had a blog 4 years ago called It’s All in the Blanket. The title is based on the film I Heart Huckabees. It’s a great movie. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend! Anyway, without going too far down that rabbit hole, I spent a full year writing almost every day. I posted once a month, which eventually increased to publishing posts once a week. I really enjoyed the writing process and having the blog.

I have been trying to find my way back to a regular writing practice and to justify publishing a blog. There’s a post about that on my old blog. Actually, there’s one on this blog, too. The theme is that I keep doubting myself and making excuses as to why I should not have a blog. And that is stupid.

So I am jump starting this new blog. I am posting 30 stories, one every day in April. I want to feel more connected to people who are interested in my work. I want to share what my paintings are about and how my experiences influence my work. I want people who care to share their experiences with me. I hope to create an interactive environment through my newsletter, my Facebook and Instagram accounts, and right here on the blog.

After 30 days of stories, I plan to figure out a regular posting schedule. This challenge is meant to get all the creative juices flowing and establish a writing habit. It will be peppered with ridiculous memories and art, so keep those eyeballs peeled!