Planning the next adventure

Nothing gets me more excited than planning an adventure.

Travel seems to fill my life with meaning. All of a sudden, to do lists are important and the deadlines for each item exude a new urgency. Even the mundane tasks feel more significant because the days which they will need to be performed are numbered. I savor every moment in my own bed, I contemplate the significance of having a closet and chest of drawers, I marvel at the amount of dish ware my house holds.

Soon, I will carry a spork as my only eating utensil. I will have a single backpack and one pair of pants. Laundry will be done in a sink or with me in the shower. On second thought, maybe just under a hose. My art supplies will be contained in a neatly packed pouch, rather than spread out on the desk or the floor. I will wake up in the mornings and head out to see things that I have never seen before.

It is exhilarating to imagine the new life and experiences awaiting me. It brings me the greatest appreciation for my life in the present moment and presents a melancholy for leaving it behind. As my bedroom and my studio are sorted through and organized, I begin to ask myself why I’m leaving.

Look at this beautiful space I have created! Why would I want to go anywhere else?!

I longingly touch my paint brushed and count the unpainted canvases. I stare at postcards and images that have inspired me for years and realize that I finally know the exact piece I will create based on them! And so my nights become restless and the inspiration flows.

I try to take advantage of every moment – work, attend appointments, find subletters, figure out the mail, clean out my space, see friends before I go, get tickets and reservations in order – and hopefully, paint with a feverish passion like I may never paint again.

I recognize how lucky I am. This is not just my dream come true, it is so many peoples dream, realized or not. I feel it in my bones and it fuels me to do the work and appreciate the moments at home and abroad.